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garden a flipHi
I’m Helen Loshny and I’m honored to have you visit my site. 

I believe that we all long for home, for the freedom, peace and joy that is the basis of our true nature and it is my honor and privilege to help guide you in making your way back there.

Healing Skills
The great psychologist, Carl Jung spoke about the invaluable lessons of the wounded healer in that “it is his own hurt that gives his power to heal.”

After struggling for many years with various emotional, psychological and somatic issues, plus difficulties in relationships, I devoted the last 2 decades to inquiry and studies to help me better understand and heal the underlying cause of these issues.

I am currently advancing my training in various areas as a Transpersonal Counselor, and an Awakening Coaching. I also train and work in Shamanic Medicine with a number of experienced teachers and practitioners in this field.

I run my practice in a warm and welcoming space in the heart of New Westminster.

What people are saying

“After working with Helen, I was able to see the world and my story very differently. There was no stress. The stress had left places where I didn’t even realized there was stress before.”

“Helen helped me to relax into who I was. I relaxed into what was happening around me. I saw everything unfolding and it was okay.”

“Most of my life I’ve lived with ‘my’ conditioning. Helen helped me to let the ‘me’ relax, and let go of everything I cling to in order to be me.”

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