I love my goals!

I love my goals that my coach and I have come up with for the term of our 8 week coaching engagement so I am sharing them here in case they might inspire or be helpful for anyone. Feel free to borrow and adapt as needed:-)

  1. I am confident or unconfident and offer valuable and beneficial services anyway
  2. I have tools to use that help me be relaxed whether confident or unconfident about our financial situation, money and sustainability
  3. I am clear/honest (in my communication) or not and support my daughters in expressing their own unique gifts and growing into their truest most thriving selves anyway
  4. I have or I don’t have a balanced schedule and  I still keep my commitment to the integration of our domestic set up, work and having a thriving practice
  5. I have completed my ‘Introduction to Helen Loshny’ video
  6. I have the tools/skills to be in spaciousness and have access to a direct experience of sensory/sensual perception
  7. I hold strong intentions for all my clients
  8. I have a framework for my book
  9. I am working on a plan for the intentional community

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