The Work

I believe that you are more than your personal history and life experiences, and as such, you have tremendous potential for growth!

Healing Dance of Helen Loshny at Spirit Medicine Healing

In our sessions, you experience the magical dance of a balanced combination of perspectives that include family systems, cognitive, experiential and transpersonal orientations, shamanic medicine (specifically sound and plant healing) and energy healing.

As we relax into a comfortable ease together, we target thinking, feeling, doing and moving, and the releasing of blockages at the energetic level that can cause conditions and illnesses like depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, eating and metabolic disorders, arthritis or addictions.

You become aware of patterns in your life that are not effective, look at the beliefs that drive them, and explore new options. We talk about your family history and look at how it may relate to your current situation. 

How we work together
You are gently and confidentially invited to take emotional risks, to reveal thoughts, feelings and experiences that you might not normally share. Rather than simply ‘talking through’ an issue, you may be invited to participate in an exercise designed to help you achieve a new experience, a new way of understanding the issue. 

What you can expect
You might find the healing work is a stretch mentally and emotionally, a stretch that may feel uncomfortable at times. You could feel worse before you feel better, and there may be times when you feel overwhelmed as you seek to understand yourself in light of the information you are being presented with. Learning a new, more helpful way of being requires courage and persistence.

I am there to support you every step of the way and I guarantee you will feel better and more completely, joyfully and powerfully ALIVE!

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