The Healing Heart of Helen Loshny at Spirit Medicine HealingDiscover your true self
Uncover and celebrate your true self and the gifts you have brought to the world

Find your purpose in life
Recognize what is it that really makes your soul sing and find ways to incorporate it into all areas of your life.

Mend relationships and love fully
Remove blocks to understanding yourself and how you relate to others. Get comfortable with honesty and vulnerability.

Boost your health 
Release unhealthy stress and heal the associated conditions and illnesses generated by the stress.

Live joyfully 
Move with ease and grace in the flow of life by repatterning thought patterns and beliefs that do not serve you.

Let’s get started
Together we uncover the origins of these thought patterns and supportively release them until you are polished to a shine. You also learn powerful tools and techniques to keep shining and to realize your potential in every area of your life!

I am delighted to inform you that as of April 1 2014 I will also be offering my services at Empower Health Clinic. Click here to learn more!